His name is Jacob A. Brent and he doesn't mind his fans calling him Jake.

He was born on August 14, 1973 in North Carolina, U.S.A. He started dancing when he was 9.

He's approximately 5'6". His hair color is brown and he has beautiful dark brown eyes that almost seem black...

His vocal range is tenor and he trained in North Carolina School of the Arts, School of American Ballet and Joffrey Ballet. His trainor is Duncan Noble.

His favorite color is orange and he likes cats (and CATS I guess).

After he graduated from NC Shcool of the Arts he went to Las Vegas and was on Starlight Express playing Turnov. Then he went to New York and on his first week there he got a part in CATS.

Jacob started on CATS Broadway as Pouncival and understudying Mistoffelees. Then, when the actor playing Misto left, Jacob was in charge of the role.

Jake left CATS Broadway on December 19, 1999 and was the penultimate Misto on Broadway.

He went back to CATS but this time on London, on April 2001 and was there till October 9 of that year, where he worked with his colleague from the video, John Partridge.